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Welcome to Coreio’s new blog, News & Views. We’re excited to add a fresh new voice to the world of IT Infrastructure and Operations. This is the place to read news about Coreio, get a look inside our organization, meet some of the great people who support our clients, and learn more about how Coreio’s solutions can help your organization manage the Infrastructure and Operations challenges of the modern enterprise.

Coreio’s EPIC Award 2018 Quarter 1 Winners

EPIC is a true peer award, designed to recognize outstanding accomplishments or service of our clients and our company through employees’ professionalism, integrity and client focus. Winners come from across our organization and reflect the true spirit of cooperation that is such an important part of Coreio.  EPIC recognizes individual employees and teams based on their “above and beyond” accomplishments or service to our clients—internal or external ones.

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Three Tips to Ensure the Business’s Buy-in to Your IT Initiative

As an IT leader, you know that without close alignment to what the business requires (and what your internal clients within the business ask for), your IT initiative faces potential failure that can be significant and can negatively impact not only the IT organization but the business as a whole.

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Major Incident Risk Assessment

A large Canadian financial institution engaged Coreio to help them better understand the underlying reasons why they have experienced an increase in major incidents and why the associated recovery time for these major incidents increased in duration (MTTR). The client requested specific focus on their ITIL processes and other contributing factors affecting service stability and […]

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Project Portfolio and Resource Capacity Management

I first learned about Computer Capacity and Performance Measurement from one of my employees when I worked for a major Canadian Financial Institution.  It was a big IBM Mainframe shop and what I learned was invaluable when I first became a consultant and worked on a Government engagement.  They were consolidating from five older IBM […]

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The GDPR Ripple in Canada

European lawmakers have proposed a new set of rules to give citizens back control over their personal data called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  The purpose of this, to take account of the rapid shifts in the handling of technology brought forth by the rise of the digital economy from the previous 1995 directive, […]

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The Top Six Qualities of a Successful Deskside Support Technician

Deskside technicians work alongside our clients’ end users to make sure that when issues arise with their IT assets, their questions are answered and solutions are found.  Located directly at our clients’ sites, our technicians are always on hand so the end users can go back to their work as quickly as possible.

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Our View: Sponsorship is key to Project Success

As an IT professional, you have a big job, and a lot of it is project work.  While projects can be incredibly diverse and always changing, their success is highly dependent on a surprisingly small number of key enablers.

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A Day in the Life of the Order Desk

We sat down with Kevin, one of the Order Desk Coordinators here at Coreio, to ask him some questions about his work on the Order Desk. Q: What Does the Order Desk Do? Kevin: “Coreio’s Order Desk is made up of well-trained agents who provide our clients an optimal, efficient and reliable service to deliver […]

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