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Welcome to Coreio’s new blog, News & Views. We’re excited to add a fresh new voice to the world of IT Infrastructure and Operations. This is the place to read news about Coreio, get a look inside our organization, meet some of the great people who support our clients, and learn more about how Coreio’s solutions can help your organization manage the Infrastructure and Operations challenges of the modern enterprise.

Our View: Sponsorship is key to Project Success

As an IT professional, you have a big job, and a lot of it is project work.  While projects can be incredibly diverse and always changing, their success is highly dependent on a surprisingly small number of key enablers.

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A Day in the Life of the Order Desk

We sat down with Kevin, one of the Order Desk Coordinators here at Coreio, to ask him some questions about his work on the Order Desk. Q: What Does the Order Desk Do? Kevin: “Coreio’s Order Desk is made up of well-trained agents who provide our clients an optimal, efficient and reliable service to deliver […]

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Guiding Principles for Data Centre Migrations

After deciding to move a data centre’s workload and thoroughly evaluating the business risk of failure, fall back options, costs, staff capabilities and other company initiatives to the develop the migration strategy, you’re ready to develop the detailed implementation plans to make it happen.

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Strategic Approaches to Data Centre Migration

Is your organization considering migrating its data centre? There are several different reasons why many companies are taking that step. If yours is, the first question may be: “How?”.  In this blog post, we consider the pros and cons of five such migration strategies.   Forklift Existing Equipment Pros: Forklifting the existing equipment out of […]

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Coreio’s EPIC Award 2017 Quarter 4 Winners

As we begin 2018 and look forward to another exciting year, we would like to announce the final group of 2017 winners for Coreio’s Peer Recognition Program, the EPIC Award. We are happy to recognize a variety of individuals that have consistently demonstrated Coreio’s values, doing everything in their power to ensure our clients and […]

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Business Continuity Management: A Few Guiding Principles

During the development and evolution of a Business Continuity Management (BCM) program, every organization will face its own unique set of challenges.  However, despite these differences, there are some general guiding principles that can help ease the process. 

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Coreio’s 2017 United Way Activities

For over 20 years, Coreio has been partnering with The United Way to give back within our community.  The charity is the largest non-governmental supporter of social services in the region.

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