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Welcome to Coreio’s new blog, News & Views. We’re excited to add a fresh new voice to the world of IT Infrastructure and Operations. This is the place to read news about Coreio, get a look inside our organization, meet some of the great people who support our clients, and learn more about how Coreio’s solutions can help your organization manage the Infrastructure and Operations challenges of the modern enterprise.

Business Continuity Management: Keep It Simple

This is the third part of a four-part series on Business Continuity Management (BCM). When it comes to launching an initiative such as a Business Continuity Management (BCM) program, the old adage “keep it simple” holds true and it is valuable to keep that principle fresh in the minds of participants throughout the process.  With […]

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Coreio Marks Its Headquarters’ 20th Anniversary

This December, Coreio marks the twentieth anniversary of its headquarters at 55 Director Court in Woodbridge, Ontario.   Built specifically for us in 1997 to support the growth of the then-16-year-old company, the new space was designed with the needs of a rapidly evolving industry and company in mind. Today, Coreio continues to evolve with our […]

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Our Warehouse Team are Coreio’s Unsung Heroes

At Coreio, we believe “we work as a team; we succeed as one.” In keeping with that spirit, we regularly feature on this blog some of the teams that make Coreio great, and that help us succeed, but that might not always find the spotlight.  A great example we wish to introduce you to is […]

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Business Continuity Management: Protecting against Unplanned Events

This is the second part of a four-part series on Business Continuity Management (BCM).   When many people think of Business Continuity Management (BCM), they think of extreme disaster events.  Often, to gain the attention of management and highlight the need for such an initiative, those developing the business case for the program may cite […]

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Business Continuity Management: Benefits Beyond The Plan

This is the first part of a four-part series on Business Continuity Management (BCM)   Establishing a business continuity management (BCM) program may be perceived as a daunting task for any organization.  Some may feel that the idea of dedicating time and resources to plan for a large-scale interruption that may never happen, such as […]

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Coreio’s EPIC Award 2017 Quarter 3 Winners

We’ve got a new group of winners to announce for Coreio’s Peer Recognition Program, the EPIC Awards.  This quarter, there were many nominations to consider and selecting a winner was especially difficult.  After analyzing each submission against the Coreio values and the spirit of the award, we are pleased to present the winners for Q3. […]

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Our United Way Campaign was a Great Success—and a Lot of Fun

  Coreio’s annual United Way campaign concluded last month, and it was a huge success. Our events and pledge drive through the month of September provided an opportunity for all of Coreio to come together in support of the worthy cause, and have some fun, too.  In recognition of our history with the United Way, the […]

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What We Do: A Day in the Life of the Order Desk

At Coreio, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and keeping our clients happy by meeting their needs on time and as promised is what we do best. A great example of that is our Order Desk, where we work hard to meet procurement demands and deadlines for our clients. This article will take you through […]

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Coreio’s Take on Site Reliability Engineering

What is SRE and where does it come from? The IT Industry has never met a buzzword it didn’t like; it’s only natural that it would be so, working in a field in which change is constant and rapid, and there’s a certain level of technical complexity, just getting things done requires that we talk […]

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