Asset Management

Asset Management from ServiceNow®

ServiceNow® Asset Management applications for hardware and software help organizations transform operations from reactive asset management practices to a proactive culture through a single system of action. Let Coreio show you how to understand where your hardware assets are in their lifecycle, maintain standards and efficiencies and reduce loss. And gain software asset insight to optimize license spend and be audit-ready.

Hardware Asset Management

ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management shows you what assets you have, where they are, who uses them, how they are configured, and what they cost.

It automates your IT asset lifecycles with workflows. It tracks the financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware and devices, as well as non-IT assets, throughout their lifecycles. Once an asset is deployed, Asset Management records all maintenance activity and enables you to perform regular audits, right up until asset retirement.

ServiceNow’s Asset Management module can:

  • Provide knowledge and better control over your assets to enable better decisions, plus optimize asset lifecycle investments to deliver better IT services
  • Reduce asset costs and automate asset lifecycle processes to minimize wasted resources and eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Mitigate risk with proven change management processes, enforce asset policies and regulatory requirements
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Software Asset Management

Managing Software Asset Management through ServiceNow is the clear choice to lower cost and risk, and improve IT efficiency.

Every business is looking to optimize their IT spend. Software can represent more than 20% of your IT budget, and you want to ensure you care getting full value from that investment. Underutilized licenses are a common issue that can be easily rectified with proactive management from ServiceNow.

Software Vendor Audits are a time-consuming process that takes your IT resources off track. ServiceNow eliminates the need for point solutions that require integration or manual consolidation of spreadsheets, leaving your teams free to focus on strategic work.

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