Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management from ServiceNow®

ServiceNow® Customer Service Management helps organizations connect customer service with other departments to identify and resolve issues faster. The Customer Service Management grouping can help organizations increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, improve field technician and agent productivity, monitor service patterns and improve quality. From Field Service to Knowledge Management, Coreio can help you get the most out of this powerful platform.

Field Service Management

ServiceNow’s Field Service Management module helps organizations swiftly resolve problems and increase customer satisfaction by putting resources where they are needed. It uses drag-and-drop functionality to match tasks to technician skills. It also makes geographic-based assignments easy with current location and available inventory information readily available. It’s all in the service of helping your customer service management stay proactive and meet SLAs by reducing some of the factors that limit your resource planning, like travel scheduling and access to parts.

ServiceNow’s Field Service Management module can:

  • Reduce business disruptions by allowing you to implement proactive scheduled maintenance instead of relying on reactive repairs that stop work
  • Connect field to office by giving customer service and IT visibility into field service activities
  • Mobilize your technicians by giving your organization the ability to better manage schedules, guiding them to work locations, and collecting task information
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Knowledge Management

ServiceNow’s Knowledge Management module enables the creation of knowledgebase articles that end users (through self-help) and agents rely on to troubleshoot issues. The module makes it easy to create, categorize, review and approve articles. It even allows users to provide feedback.

ServiceNow’s Knowledge Management module can:

  • Boost agent productivity by resolving or deflecting cases, and incorporating new knowledge to address business issues
  • Increase user satisfaction by documenting answers to provide consistent, proven resolutions for customers and employees
  • Promote knowledge sharing and encourage company-wide knowledge crowdsourcing to eliminate information gaps

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