IT Service Management (ITSM)

IT Service Management from ServiceNow®

With ServiceNow® IT Service Management (ITSM), organizations can consolidate their web-based tools into one interface, while automating service management processes. Managing ITSM through ServiceNow is the clear choice to make smarter decisions, get fast results, remove chaos and gain control, get full visibility with real-time analytics, and align IT services to the business. Coreio can help your organization get up and running quickly and drive your ITSM forward with this state of the art tool.

The grouping is comprised of five modules:

Incident Management

ServiceNow’s Incident Management application helps your IT Service Management group streamline service restoration after an unplanned disruption. It features simplified end-user access to omni-channel support, flowing to the IT service desk for incident capture and prioritization based on predetermined service level targets.

This module allows users to leverage assignment rules and machine learning technology to automatically route incidents to the right resolution group, complete with related information and escalation triggers. End users can see status and related work activities through bi-directional communications, improving transparency.

ServiceNow’s Incident Management module can:

  • Accelerate service restoration when you manage and collaborate on work using a single platform for ITSM
  • Deliver a better consumer experience through intuitive self-service and transparent, two-way communication
  • Drive continual service improvement with role-based dashboards, performance metrics, and real-time analytics
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Problem Management

ServiceNow’s Problem Management module helps minimize the business impact of service disruptions and prevent future disruptions, using proven ITIL practices. Problem Management helps IT investigate the root cause of an incident through structured problem analysis, then document solutions and workarounds in the knowledge base. Trend analysis and periodic service configuration reviews also help to prevent future disruptions, and IT can right-click from within any record in Problem Management to proactively schedule changes that remediate any issues.

ServiceNow’s Problem Management module can:

  • Prevent service disruptions by allowing proactive analysis of service performance trends and configurations
  • Speed up service restoration by publishing known errors and workarounds for all IT staff to use
  • Accelerate root cause resolution with structured problem analysis and by correlating problems with recent service activities

Change Management

ServiceNow Change and Release Management reduces the cost and risk of rapid, ongoing changes with capabilities such as an intuitive change calendar, dynamic risk and impact calculation, and change collision detection. The ServiceNow Change Advisory Board (CAB) Workbench simplifies CAB meetings, enabling change managers to easily schedule, plan, and manage meetings from a single source. Built-in integration with ServiceNow applications such as Problem Management and Software Development Lifecycle ensures that activities and data flow smoothly between applications, insulating both IT and business operations from unplanned and uncontrolled change.

ServiceNow’s Chanage Management module can:

  • Help you integrate change processes across IT with a single, auditable repository of all planned IT changes
  • Enable quick set up and deployment with out-of-the-box, embedded ITIL proven practices
  • Improve service relationships with predictable timeframes and prescriptive change and release cycles
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Request Management

ServiceNow’s Request Management application streamlines service delivery for user requests, eliminates duplication of effort, ensures information accuracy, and reduces operational costs through a published catalog of IT services, all driven by automated workflows, approval rules, and service level agreements.

End users are kept informed after they make requests with notification updates and mobile status checking, ensuring high customer satisfaction.

ServiceNow’s Request Management module can:

  • Deliver a consumer experience through a familiar, easy-to-use shopping cart checkout interface from any device
  • Improve service quality by removing manual tasks and fulfillment delays with automated workflows and approvals
  • Increase end user satisfaction when you keep them informed with status updates and notifications about their requests

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Knowledge Management

ServiceNow’s Knowledge Management module enables the creation of knowledgebase articles that end users (through self-help) and agents rely on to troubleshoot issues. The module makes it easy to create, categorize, review and approve articles. It even allows users to prove feedback.

ServiceNow’s Knowledge Management module can:

  • Boost agent productivity by resolving or deflecting cases, and incorporating new knowledge to address business issues
  • Increase user satisfaction by documenting answers to provide consistent, proven resolutions for customers and employees
  • Promote knowledge sharing and encourage company-wide knowledge crowdsourcing to eliminate information gaps
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