ServiceNow® Licenses Reseller

ServiceNow® Licenses from Coreio

As part of our overall service offering to our clients, Coreio is licensed to resell all types of ServiceNow® licenses, so our clients can speed their deployment or expansion of their use of the portal quickly and efficiently using one supplier. Let us help you determine what you need, and make it simple.

Coreio is a ServiceNow Silver Services Partner

Connecting you to the Right License Types for Your Needs

Whether you’re deploying a new instance of ServiceNow with our Technology Solutions team, or putting the pieces together to use the platform in a new way, we will take the time to understand your needs and recommend the right license acquisition solution. Across all roles, from Fulfiller licenses, to discovery licenses, and global risk and compliance licenses, we will help you decide what kind of licenses you need for your role set, educate you on the functionality built into each type, and optimize the combination of licenses to meet your goal.

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