Quality is better than quantity, and Coreio’s recent addition to Gartner’s Market List for ServiceNow ITSM Consulting, Implementation and Managed Services demonstrates that sales volume isn’t the best metric for recognizing and ranking a ServiceNow partner—customer satisfaction matters more.

Late last year, Coreio was one of only two Canadian-based companies to make this list. At the time, we were a ServiceNow Premier Partner, but at the end of February, we moved up to ServiceNow Elite Services and Elite Sales Partner, and continue to climb the ranks because our focus goes beyond simply attaining a high volume of license resales.

Coreio’s recognition by the research firm demonstrates the company meets two key recommendations for sourcing, procurement and vendor management leaders looking to apply IT services and solution strategies to optimize cost-effectiveness and business value through ITSM.


Criteria gives credit to organizational fit

Gartner’s Market List for ServiceNow ITSM Consulting, Implementation and Managed Services list is meant to guide organizations to the right ITSM service provider.

The research firm’s first recommendation is that enterprises review the ServiceNow partnering model and how the changes affect the market as a means of identifying potential providers. For a ServiceNow Premier Services and Elite Sales Partner such as Coreio, the recent changes in the ServiceNow partner models are a positive outcome because there is now more focus on quality, skills, customer satisfaction, depth and certifications—all things we’ve emphasized to differentiate ourselves as an ITSM and CSM provider and ServiceNow partner.

Not only have we moved up to a ServiceNow Elite Services and Elite Sales partner since the report came out, but Coreio has also increased our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score to 9.38/10, an upward trend that reflects the company’s continued efforts to deliver the best implementation, upgrade or service to our customers.

We believe a key reason for the high CSAT score is that make sure we’re the right fit with any organization seeking an ITSM and CSM provider, which aligns with Gartner’s second recommendation. It highlights the importance of selecting a ServiceNow partner that best matches the organization’s requirements rather just selecting any ServiceNow partner in a similar partner class. The fact that Coreio runs its own business on ServiceNow ultimately makes us a great fit for most organizations because we bring exceptional insight to customer implementations based on real-world experience.


An industry-tailored customer experience

It’s not just our own internal experience, either. Coreio has customers from a wide array of industries, including banking and insurance, education, technology and entertainment. With each one, we build ITSM solutions that align with needs of that particular industry. We’re also able to take the experience from each engagement and carry what we’ve learned to the next customer.

Flexibility has also played a role in Coreio’s success as ServiceNow partner. Not only do we provide license sales, professional services and tailored solutions, but we also deliver ITSM and CSM solutions via a Managed Services Provider (MSP), making us fairly unique in the market and more likely to meet the ITSM needs of most organizations.

As an adopter of ServiceNow, we’re highly motivated to make the strategic investments necessary to get the most from platform. Our internal ITSM success benefits our customers. As a key part of Coreio’s ServiceNow strategy is to continue to provide Coreio Technology Solutions with necessary investment to meet high market demand for ServiceNow utilization, including continuous improvement, certification, additional hiring, maintaining and expanded our application development and integration skillsets.

Coreio’s high ranking on Gartner’s Market List for ServiceNow ITSM Consulting, Implementation and Managed Services reflects a fundamental understanding of what we’re implementing. It’s more than just having best practices.  As a company that runs its business on ServiceNow, we’ve lived it, we’ve done it, we can show customers what works and what doesn’t work. Making sure Coreio was a satisfied ServiceNow customer makes the ideal ITSM partner.

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