ServiceNow® Solutions

Leverage Coreio’s Expertise to Build on Your Investment in ServiceNow®

Does your organization run on ServiceNow®? Want to drive more value from the platform? Our experts can help your IT team identify needs for new ServiceNow modules and new workflow configurations within them, and then execute on those changes. From new catalogue items to expanded functions for the platform with further modules, our experts will help drive innovation.

Evolve Your Instance Along with Your Organization

As your organization evolves, it needs change. One of the things that makes ServiceNow such a valuable tool is that it evolves with you. Many of our clients have found that as their organizations have matured in their use of the platform, their internal customers from across their business have begun looking for new ways to automate and streamline business processes, from asset management to HR and beyond.

Coreio is here to help imagine the art of the possible with your existing ServiceNow instance. Look to us to help define requirements, and then action the change. You may have an existing legacy tool your internal customers want to replace with ServiceNow so that they’re future-proofed, but they need assurance that all of the functionality of their existing tool will be replicated in the ServiceNow replacement. Our team has made these adjustments many times across many types of clients. We know what questions to ask to help you get from a business problem and a desired outcome, to the tangible development that will get your organization there.

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