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Has your organization decided on ServiceNow® to meet its IT Service Management requirements?

Does your organization currently run on ServiceNow and you would like to drive more value from the platform?

Do you need assistance in implementing a new instance of ServiceNow or rolling out new functionality or modules on your existing deployment?

Coreio has the expertise that you require.


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Solutions Built by Coreio’s Experts

Our experts will work with your IT team to develop your ServiceNow instance, building functionality that enables you to innovate, create value and continuously improve using data and metrics.

We can help your IT team identify needs for new ServiceNow modules and new workflow configurations within them, and then execute on those changes. From new catalogue items to expanded functions for the platform with further modules our experts will help drive innovation.

Tailoring of a Solution and Deployment to Your Needs

ServiceNow provides its clients with an excellent tool kit: modules that help organizations automate, streamline and optimize everything from ITSM to HR. Often, though, our client’s specific needs require further application development assistance to ensure new modules are driving the most value possible by integrating with existing tools or optimizing use of the current functionality.

Coreio provides development assistance to ensure off the shelf ServiceNow modules are bridged to existing applications, and even create new functionality that transforms existing modules into a seamless customer experience that can effectively fulfill the unique business needs of your organization.

Solution Architecting and Development

Sometimes, ServiceNow modules require significant alteration to meet business goals, and sometimes, changes are relatively minor. Whatever your business needs to optimize the use of a ServiceNow module, Coreio can help. Let us build functionality and check items off your ServiceNow wish list.

Evolve Your Instance Along with Your Organization

Expanding the reach of your ServiceNow Deployment

As your organization evolves, it needs change. One of the things that makes ServiceNow such a valuable tool is that it evolves with you. Many of our clients have found that as their organizations have matured in their use of the platform, their internal customers from across their business have begun looking for new ways to automate and streamline business processes, from asset management to HR and beyond.

Coreio is here to help imagine the art of the possible with your existing ServiceNow instance. Look to us to help define requirements, and then action the change.

Migrate to ServiceNow from a Legacy Tool

You may have an existing legacy tool your internal customers want to replace with ServiceNow so that they’re future-proofed, but they need assurance that all of the functionality of their existing tool will be replicated in the ServiceNow replacement. Our team has made these adjustments many times across many types of clients. We know what questions to ask to help you get from a business problem and a desired outcome, to the tangible development that will get your organization there.

Implement ServiceNow® with Coreio’s Expertise

Has your organization decided on ServiceNow®? Coreio has the expertise to help you get started quickly. We will work with your IT team to develop your ServiceNow instance, building functionality that enables you to innovate, create value and continuously improve using data and metrics.

Complete Deployment of Your New ServiceNow Environment

You only get one chance to make a first impression. It’s crucial to have a successful launch of a new technology like ServiceNow to gain the buy-in and adoption of your end user community.

Let Coreio ensure your implementation runs smoothly for your IT team and their customers. We will take the time to understand your organization’s needs and goals, then implement all the required applications and modules in a manner that allows you to gain the most value from your investment.

As part of the solution and implementation process, Coreio takes care of the following:

  • requirements gathering process, including conducting workshops
  • documentation
  • future state process consulting
  • configuration
  • testing
  • deployment

We stand up the environment and perform the core set up and loading the data. We employ time-tested processes to ensure your implementation is successful.

Deployment of a Specific Module or Area of Practice

Our clients have told us that it’s often only once their instance is up and running, and they begin to realize the tangible benefits of ServiceNow’s unbeatable offering, that they can best understand their evolution path with the platform. Coreio helps clients with existing instances expand their use of the platform, and further leverage their investment, with deployment of new modules. As with new implementations of the instance, we take care of the requirements gathering process (including workshops), documentation, future state process consulting, configuration, testing and deployment. We take the time to understand how your organization will use the module, so we can configure it to meet the needs of the business.

Contact us to learn more about how Coreio Technology Solutions can take your organization to light speed with ServiceNow