Pay-as-you-go ITSM is now a reality for smaller companies

Pay-as-you-go ITSM is now a reality for smaller companies

Keeping end users productive with proactive, consistent IT support is a challenge for organizations of any size, especially smaller ones, but there’s no reason they can’t have enterprise-class IT service management (ITSM) tools such as ServiceNow.

The reality for many small companies is their various departments tend to be siloed off from each other with pockets of subject matter experts who know their job well. However, there’s no knowledge transfer, and hence, no understanding of how issues might affect the entire organization.

A big contributor to the disconnect is there’s no centralized ITSM tool for handling issues and tracking their impact on the organization. Often, smaller companies rely on emails and Excel spreadsheets for tracking support requests, and this information isn’t shared. Combined with inadequate documentation and training, it means the organization isn’t performing as well as it should be, without knowing why. Meanwhile, the lack of consistent processes and procedures means IT support costs are hard to predict and control.

Younger organizations tend to grow so quickly that investment in ITSM tools can’t keep up. Even those companies that have invested in ITSM are using multiple tools that don’t talk to each other, and in some cases are obsolete.  Tool or no tool, not having a unified ITSM strategy can be detrimental to any organization, large or small. The key is to find a happy medium that is tailored to suit specific business needs.

Ultimately, organizations that don’t have any ITSM rigour don’t understand their infrastructure, and each issue that arises is addressed in a reactive nature. Without a proactive, formalized process in place, problematic hardware, software and networking isn’t properly tracked, and there’s no insight as to how individual issues fit together to affect the organization’s overall performance. Without a single system of record that can be validated, reporting is inconsistent and prone to human error because data is being exported and imported across different tools and applications.

Ad-hoc ITSM doesn’t scale

Effective ITSM can’t be accomplished with spreadsheets and emails, and even having multiple tools isn’t effective either if you don’t have a centralized system of action and system of record. What’s needed is the capability to integrate multiple tools or ideally, a single tool that provides all the required ITSM functionality.

If you’ve decided it’s time to go beyond ad hoc ITSM, there are several things to consider. It starts with understanding ITSM best practices and ITIL frameworks so you can get the most from anything you deploy, while also thinking ahead to make sure the platform can grow with you. The best tools go beyond ITSM by adding field services and customer service management, so you can fully break down siloes within your organization.  

It’s important that any ITSM tool you select doesn’t require proprietary languages, otherwise it will be difficult to connect your various software, hardware and networking and have a single view of what’s going on in the organization. Your ITSM tool of choice should be configurable to meet your needs but beware of customization as it can lead to loss of functionality when upgrading to the next version.

While larger companies are willing to make the financial investment in a single tool, smaller organizations may think enterprise-class ITSM such as ServiceNow is beyond their budget. However, there is a model for them to adopt it without heavy investment upfront, rather than having to deploy cheaper alternatives themselves.

Add ITSM capabilities as you need them

Coreio’s ServiceNow Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering is designed to get smaller companies up and running with enterprise-class ITSM quickly and affordably.

Often, purchasing ServiceNow in conjunction with the resources required to support the platform is not feasible from a cost perspective for smaller organizations. Our delivery model lowers the barrier to entry for these organizations because we have no minimum threshold. We can onboard customers onto the ServiceNow platform three times faster by leveraging the investment that we’ve already made, including collective lessons learned by our team of ServiceNow experts, and the expansive Coreio knowledgebase developed from servicing our clients over the years.

For growing companies, Coreio’s ServiceNow MSP offering enables them to scale their ITSM affordably and incrementally. We’re also able to keep up with the latest features and extend capabilities to our hosted solutions, such as asset acquisition and customer service management, at no extra cost. You can start out just using Incident Management with SLAs and create basic Service Requests or immediately move to a fully configured ServiceNow environment.

Coreio’s MSP offering takes advantage of shared economies of scale and leverages the collective expertise and buying power of a pool of organizations who are continuously increasing functionality, upgrading to the latest release, and sharing knowledge. Even the smallest of organizations can invest in enterprise-class ITSM, with predictable costs. Since you’re only paying for what you need, budget planning is simplified, and a clear picture can be provided to the business.

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    Could implementing ServiceNow® as a Subscription-Based Service Work for Your Business?

    Could implementing ServiceNow® as a Subscription-Based Service Work for Your Business?

    Steve Mifsud, Vice President, Technology Solutions

    Steve Mifsud, Vice President, Technology Solutions

    If you are helping support a business that needs to keep track of employee requests, manage HR processes and track compliance, you’ve probably already heard of the ServiceNow® cloud-based technology. It is a state of the art service platform built on ITIL principles to create a single system to consolidate, automate, and provide self-service functionality through a “storefront” user interface.


    What’s so great about ServiceNow?

    ServiceNow delivers a best-in-class ITIL-based IT Service Management (ITSM) experience, enabling organizations to modernize service delivery for handling incidents, the service portal, service requests, problems, changes, and knowledge and asset management on a robust enterprise cloud. It gives our clients a powerful platform for all ITIL processes, helping to rapidly reduce costs, lower risk, improve business agility, and boost IT innovation.

    But ServiceNow is more than just an ITSM platform. From ITSM to Human Resources to Global Risk and Compliance, ServiceNow is a powerful tool for the modern enterprise.


    Who is ServiceNow for?

    Traditionally, since it burst onto the market several years ago, ServiceNow has primarily been used by major enterprises. The reasons for this are twofold:

    1. The company requires a minimum commitment level in terms of number of licenses an organization must purchase to stand up a new instance of the platform
    2. There is a level of complexity and cost to pursuing a stand-alone instance, both at the start and for ongoing maintenance and additions post-implementation

    Mid-sized organizations have needed to find a better way to access terrific advantages ServiceNow could be bringing to their businesses in terms of automation and the efficiency of the streamlining of tools.


    Managed Service Provider (MSP)

    Coreio has been hearing about this desire to take advantage of ServiceNow from our customers, and fortunately, we have been able to develop and bring to market a new way to avoid the challenges of setting up an instance: The Managed Service Provider (Subscription) model. Organizations of all sizes can now enjoy the benefits of ServiceNow without investing in a separate instance of the platform, using Coreio’s ServiceNow MSP offering to deploy their own segregated ServiceNow environment/domain within Coreio’s instance on a subscription basis. Coreio supports, maintains and monitors the ServiceNow environment on the client’s behalf.

    Our new ServiceNow MSP offering provides:

    • Access to ServiceNow without meeting the minimal contractual obligation
    • Ability to avoid having to meet minimums for add-ons like discovery and orchestration
    • Significantly reduced implementation costs
    • Administration and support bundled into the cost of the subscription
    • Periodic upgrades and improvements to the environment at no additional cost

    Our model also:

    • Leverages a best practice environment and not having to learn by your mistakes
    • Allows customers to provide input to continual improvement plan
    • Leverages tested processes and pre-configured applications
    • Gets organizations up and running quickly

    We offer 4 levels of subscription to reflect a variety of scales and complexities of deployment:

    Bronze: Coreio’s introductory ServiceNow offering is ideal for mid-sized organizations. This offering provides Incident Management and the ability to create basic Service Requests (one service request catalogue included in price).

    Silver: Coreio’s mid-tier ServiceNow offering, Silver is ideal for clients who wish to gain better insight on their assets, SLA’s and the links between Incident and Problem Management. The Silver offering also includes a simple Service Catalogue, capable of basic Service Requests (requests that do not require approval are standard).

    Gold: Coreio’s premium offering, ideal for those clients who wish to gain access to more of ServiceNow’s capability across a broader range of applications, including Change Management, and access to more advanced Service Requests, including those requiring approvals. With the Gold offering comes the flexibility to leverage (at an additional cost) ServiceNow’s Discovery and Orchestration products.

    Platinum: Reserved for clients who have very specific needs, which require a customized solution to be built.  For these clients, Coreio will build a completely customized ServiceNow environment tailored to the exact requirements.  There are no limits to what can be built within the Platinum offering, and these environments will be priced based on the specifications provided.

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      Meet Technology Solutions Expert Steve Mifsud

      Meet Technology Solutions Expert Steve Mifsud

      Vice President, Technology Solutions - Steve Mifsud

      Vice President, Technology Solutions – Steve Mifsud

      Meet Steve Mifsud Coreio’s Vice President, Technology Solutions and ServiceNow / ITSM Advisory Services Practice Executive.  Steve is responsible for the overall leadership of the Technology Solutions team and interacts directly with our clients in an Advisory Services capacity to help them solve their IT Service Management issues and ServiceNow deployments.

      Steve has years of experience in leading the development and implementation of system automation, request management and IT asset management solutions. He has spent the last 18 years in various senior Infrastructure and Operations roles, primarily at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). He is a past winner of the RBC Leo Award Winner (2016) – the highest honor a RBC employee can receive as part of their performance program. Coreio’s CTO, Stephen Baird, says of our new Director, “Steve has a strong background in building relationships, partnering and delivering high value solutions that are easy to use—all with a high standard of project management and professionalism. We are so excited to work with him to deliver best in class IT SM automation solutions to our clients.

      A true believer in the power of ServiceNow to revolutionize automation for enterprise ITSM purposes, Steve credits that industry-leading platform as the “most agile, scalable, easiest to deploy, and friendliest in terms of user experience.” The move to Coreio after such a long tenure at RBC is a big adjustment, but Steve is looking forward to leveraging the wealth of knowledge and experience he has to the benefit of our clients. He has a passion for engaging with clients and unlocking the potential of technology to drive their business forward.




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        ServiceNow is an essential tool of ITSM Applications

        ServiceNow is an essential tool of ITSM Applications

        ServiceNow, a cloud based enterprise service management software, has become the industry standard in IT service management (ITSM). It integrates IT Operations Management and IT Business Management and adds to business process efficiency. This state-of-the-art tool is adaptable through configuration to your organization’s needs, and allows forms-based workflow application development.

        Coreio's ITSM tooling expert, Steve Mifsud

        Coreio’s ITSM tooling expert, Steve Mifsud

        Coreio’s resident ITSM Development and Implementation expert, Steve Mifsud, Director of Application Services explains why ServiceNow is the way forward for businesses that need a flexible, powerful ITSM tool.

        Why Should a Business Use ServiceNow?

        Four simple reasons – Easy Customer Experience, Continuous Innovation Cycle, Process Efficiency and Mobile Enablement.

        ServiceNow provides IT organizations with an easy and intuitive customer experience by replacing existing IT portals with one consumer-friendly store front. In addition, ServiceNow, as a Software as a Service (SaaS) web-based platform, is constantly improving using feedback from customer organizations using it. This means your organization can benefit from every innovation that is added to it moving forward, ensuring you have the cutting edge in ITSM solution.

        ServiceNow also empowers your company’s end users with self-serve capabilities, so that they can fulfill IT service requests themselves, creating efficiency for the organization.

        Finally, ServiceNow provides mobile functionality, allowing your user group to submit requests and check their status on the go.

        How Can Coreio Help Enable Your Organization with the Tools to Improve your ITSM Organization?

        Coreio has the experience to provide best in class ServiceNow enablement within its ITSM Applications Advisory Services Practice.

        First, you can count on our ITSM Applications consulting services to help set your strategy, and define the best practices for your ServiceNow deployment. When implementation commences, our experts can help provide guidance, customization, and application development around customized solutions to your business needs.

        Further, our implementation specialists can help you get the most out of the tools within ServiceNow to customize automation for everything from ordering a smart phone to creating a bridge between an existing legacy application and ServiceNow.

        Once launched, we can help you as a managed service provider for ServiceNow, supporting, maintaining, and monitoring improvements within the platform that you can leverage.

        ServiceNow is redefining the art of the possible for IT service management, and it’s constantly growing to encompass new functions like HR management, asset management and more. It’s a real game changer for IT organizations, and we look forward to helping our clients harness its potential.


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