An enterprise solution is only as effective as the people using it, and if you want to get the most out of ServiceNow®, you should turn to an Authorized Training Partner (ATP).

Having recently acquired the ATP designation, Coreio has formalized the ServiceNow training capabilities it has developed over the years as it not only teaches others how to use the platform, but also implements it for customers of all sizes. Coreio can help your IT team master ServiceNow capabilities through in-depth, hands-on training based on our real-world experience deploying and optimizing ServiceNow for organizations looking to get the most out of the platform.

The value of a ServiceNow ATP

While companies do have the option to train internally, the only way to obtain certifications with ServiceNow is to train with a company that boasts an ATP designation. Further, given the breadth of the ServiceNow platform, making the decision as to where to start can be overwhelming.

As a ServiceNow ATP, Coreio can help you identify where to start your training and who on your team might benefit from specific knowledge areas. As a company that implements the ServiceNow platform for our customers, our goal is to empower your team to run the platform yourself with the proper, certified training that reflects how you will use ServiceNow on a day-to-day basis.

Coreio customizes its ServiceNow training by understanding the key pain points you’re looking to alleviate. Most organizations initially adopt ServiceNow as an ITSM tool before looking at any other capabilities. That’s why we recommend system administration for a few team members right from the start because it enables your team to maintain your deployment by tailoring training for the solution being implemented, so you’re not dependent on a partner—or even multiple partners—to run the platform.

Create your curriculum with Coreio

No matter the size of your company and what capabilities of the ServiceNow platform are implemented, understanding the fundamentals should be your starting point.

Our ServiceNow System Administration curriculum provides the foundational knowledge necessary for managing and maintaining the platform, including ServiceNow Certified System Administrator (CSA) training. Mastering the CSA means you’ve got the necessary expertise and knowledge to manage the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of the ServiceNow platform, and positions you for further certification with a ServiceNow ATP.

From there, your path my vary down several ServiceNow knowledge areas that allow you to effectively use ServiceNow in your business operations—Emerging Applications, IT Asset Management, IT Business Management, IT Operations Management, IT Service Management or Security Operations.

Meanwhile, those who are tasked with implementing the platform and charting the upgrade path will benefit from the ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist, which teaches you how to quickly and successfully deploy ServiceNow—Software Asset Management, IT Service Management, and Project and Portfolio Management. Finally, those on a path to become a ServiceNow Certified Application Developer will learn how to create applications by designing application tables, creating and implementing forms, controlling access, and integrating workflows into applications.

Most ServiceNow courses take two to three days and involve completing tasks within the platform—it’s much more than Coreio trainers speaking at the front of a classroom. We’re sharing our lessons learned as implementors. And if we’re doing the implementation at your organization, we can create custom training that reflects what we’ve deployed to get you up and running.

Regardless, Coreio ServiceNow ATP offerings are flexible when it comes to delivery. We can provide an in-person, ServiceNow-certified instructor in a hands-on environment, or provide a virtual instructor live to save you travel expenses. We can also deliver curriculum on-demand, allowing you to explore the ServiceNow portfolio at your own pace with videos, live and recorded webinars, and interactive tools to help you accelerate your learning. Finally, you can take the guided tour that offers just-in-time performance support available within ServiceNow applications to help users quickly perform tasks.

No matter who is taking the training, Coreio’s goal is to pass the torch to customers so they can run with it.

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