Deskside Support

Coreio’s Deskside Support services have factored in the new hybrid work model to offer Client’s the optionality and convenience of centralized walk-up centres, traditional deskside and VIP in-person visits and remote support.

Deskside Support

Coreio’s Deskside Support resources live up to our tag-line of “Trust, Experience and Unfailing Execution” with certifications from industry leaders such as CompTIA+, Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell, Lexmark, HP, Apple, Cisco and more. The Coreio team will ensure a smooth delivery of services and remove the burden of support issues by leveraging existing infrastructure where appropriate, integrating it with our own tools to facilitate better availability through a more proactive support approach to End User Support.


Coreio adopts a proactive and disruption-free approach to Install, Move, Add, Change, De-install (IMACD) requests for hardware and software support. Additionally, security best practices are embedded in Coreio’ approach.

Remote Technology Services

Coreio is driven to provide cost effective solutions to its clients which are aimed at minimizing travel effort and time. Remote deskside services will empower Coreio to resolve incidents or fulfill requests remotely. Coreio solutions enable self-help and self-resolution ability through knowledge management, chatbots and proactive remediations to fix common support issues before End Users are impacted.

Onsite Maintenance and Remediation

For all issues that cannot be resolved remotely, Coreio will provide a team of deskside technicians to visit the End User and resolve the issue coast to coast.

Advanced Self Support

Coreio is a leader in alternative self-support mechanisms for its Clients including the deployment of centralized walk-up centers, IT vending machines and digital lockers to improve the support experience.

VIP Support

Coreio realizes that different personas have different needs. Coreio offers best-of-breed support to VIP personas with highly trained yet patient professionals measured against more stringent service levels to ensure the productivity of your most critical resources.

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