Coreio + ServiceNow

Coreio’s ServiceNow product offerings are as diverse as our clients. Whether your organization is looking to leverage ServiceNow without the upfront costs of deploying your own instance by using our subscription-based ServiceNow as a Service platform, are a veteran using the tools in an advanced way and looking to automate and innovate with unique applications, or requires expert advice for procurement of licenses, Coreio can support your journey to harness ServiceNow’s ability to digitally transform your organization.

Coreio is proud to work with ServiceNow to deliver digital workflows that connect people and processes to increase productivity and make every interaction seamless and intuitive. Our expertise and Elite Partner status empowers Coreio to bring you a world-class ServiceNow experience, no matter where you are on the adoption curve.

ServiceNow ITSM Fast Track

Businesses today want to stay relevant in the market by quickly adopting digital technologies for better and faster returns on investment via IT services delivery, without much investment in time, efforts, and capital. Organizations want a solution to logically counter attack the long implementation times and missed value metrics discussed in the sales cycle as a result.

Asset Clarity

Available in the ServiceNow Store, the Coreio built Asset Clarity Application provides clear real-time visibility to users and P&L owners as to what assets are assigned to them and their employees, ultimately providing significant cost savings and cost avoidance by eliminating the repurchasing of assets, subscriptions or licenses and improving overall asset data quality.

Platform Support

Leverage Coreio’s end-to-end management and support team for ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting of your ServiceNow instance. Our certified and experienced resources can manage the day to day operations of the platform, including City release upgrades, monitoring and incident resolution and other routine activities, leaving your ServiceNow team with more bandwidth to take on your strategic objectives. Continuous improvement comes standard!

ServiceNow License Reseller

Along with our Elite Partner status, Coreio is proud to be an authorized ServiceNow License Reseller. When you are looking for a trusted partner to support your first license agreement negotiation or to audit current usage to ensure you are getting the most from your investment, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us to see how we can help your organization take the next step forward in building a future-proof IT infrastructure