Strategy, Planning and Architecture

Today’s businesses need more than a set of technology service partners to keep their IT operations on track. They need a strategic partner that can deliver real solutions that put people, process and technology to work while providing advice they can trust.

The Coreio Advantage

At Coreio, we bring real value to our clients across North America by applying a deep understanding of their business problems to the creation of tailored IT Infrastructure and Operations solutions founded in our robust service offerings. Our team’s extensive experience in enterprise IT Infrastructure and Operations gives us the credibility to speak to the market from an “Inside Out” view. We start with a thorough understanding of our clients’ business issues and use that insight to inform the design of solutions that fit what is needed.

IT Architecture Development

Developing, publishing, and managing your IT Architecture with Coreio can help you ensure that the applications you build, buy and implement through the Cloud interact and work together to support your business needs.

Technology Roadmap Development

We can develop a clear path to ensure that your organization understands the capabilities of new technologies against the requirements of your business and infrastructure environments.

Comprehensive Change and Program Management

Let us help you build effective IT approaches that support business-led development with your IT governance requirements to successfully manage and support new applications.

Technology Currency Program Development

Coreio has developed a proven framework that is easily customizable to our clients’ unique environments and can be used to help you keep current and stay ahead of unsupported releases.

Contact us to see how we can help your organization take the next step forward in building a future-proof IT infrastructure