Asset Lifecycle Management

Coreio’s ISO9001 certified Asset Lifecycle Management services aim to ease the end-to-end management of both software and hardware assets for your organization. Throughout the entire lifecycle of planning, procurement, management, and disposal, Coreio’s ITIL-based best practices ensure the workforce has the right assets to perform at the highest level while optimizing the organizations spend.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Coreio will provide proactive support to your organization with automated tools and solutions and real time asset tracking and reporting. Integration of ITAM with your preferred ITSM tool will provide transparency across all the stages of asset management.

Asset Procurement

Coreio will provide seamless asset procurement services for both software and hardware assets. Coreio will manage interactions with OEM’s, third-party suppliers and other vendors including Purchase Order (PO) management and tracking for all in-scope procured assets.

Asset Discovery and Deployment

As enterprises grow, their IT assets also increase exponentially which increases the effort and complexity to catalogue and deploy them optimally. Coreio provides automated tagging of assets and modern deployment to get assets to end user quickly and effectively.

Asset Maintenance and Support

Coreio provides end-to-end proactive management of assets including issue resolution through subject matter experts and support through remote and onsite teams.

Asset Retirement and Disposal

Secure and eco-friendly disposal and remarketing of assets to ensure regulatory compliance is met and any potential value of expired assets is captured and reimbursed.

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