Managed Infrastructure Services

Businesses today, regardless of size and industry, rely on a complex IT ecosystem to support their daily functions. While many organizations still manage their IT infrastructure in-house, others find that there are efficiencies to be gained by utilizing managed IT services so that they can focus on their core business, knowing that their IT Operations Management is benefitting from best-in-class knowledge that will improve client service and reduce operational costs.

Coreio Meets You Wherever You Are 

Coreio’s Managed Infrastructure Services are delivered through the Coreio Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Team. Coreio has implemented the SRE methodology pioneered at Google to focus the team on looking at all service aspects from incident management to architecture in order to deliver an optimized and automated end-to-end solution experience. Technology is a key component of any IT solution, however a focus on how technology and processes can be optimized to align to business requirements is the key to exceptional service delivery.

Cloud Hosting

For Clients looking to move away from an on-premise infrastructure, Coreio will provide a computing platform and data center facilities to host an application in a virtual server environment with a focus on security, privacy, compliance, and transparency.

Virtual Workstation Hosting

Our subject matter experts at Coreio will take on the burden of managing, maintaining, and supporting your virtual desktop infrastructure from initial provisioning, through security, feature pack and policy updates to deprovisioning.

Server, Network and Storage Monitoring and Management

Monitoring and alerting with automated actions can be expanded to include image and configuration management, patching of OS and firmware and performance management.

Infrastructure Backup Services

Whether cloud or on-premise based, Coreio offers robust backup solutions for your hosted or local infrastructure and applications including O365 (Email and OneDrive).

Cloud Services Monitoring and Management

Availability, Round Trip and Response time monitoring and alerting can be enhanced with the addition of support and management for Synchronization Services, Single Sign On, Multifactor Authentication and Azure Active Directory.

Security Monitoring and Management

Coreio is proudly SOC certified and at the core of our Managed Infrastructure Services is Security. Aligning to NIST standards, Coreio will advise and implement configuration hardening of all infrastructure components.

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