Thousands of people every year go up the CN Tower to see the view of this great city from the observation decks. Most of those visitors take the short elevator ride to the top, but thirteen employees from Coreio decided to take the stairs instead.  Sounds easy enough until you hear that its 1,774 steps to the top:then most people turn around and rejoin the line for the elevator.

Every year Coreio employees raise money for The United Way through various events.  This year we decided The CN Tower Climb would be a great new way to raise money before our week-long campaign conducted in November.


We asked: What made you want to do the CN Tower Climb?

Ivet: It’s something I’ve always wanted to do since I came to Canada.

Brooke: A personal goal. I have always wanted to do this! Also this was for a very good cause!

Gary: Heard about it before, never had a chance to try it with prior employers. United Way is a great organization and since I’m new to Coreio, I also thought it would be chance to meet other employees.


One team member, Naseeb, had a unique way to help raise money for the charity event.



We asked: You had the idea of helping to raise money by doing a 50/50 draw. What made you think of this idea?

Naseeb: The challenge was how to get people interested and think about the climb itself, give them a prize and raise the money.  50/50 is an easy way to create a prize with zero capital investment, the guessing part made everyone think of the logistics of the challenge and tons of people started googling it to place their guesses.


After raising money for a month, the thirteen employees and three extra volunteers met early in the morning on October 23rd to complete the climb. Nerves were high as everyone met in the Second Cup before moving to the main event hall.  David Naiman, Coreio’s President and CEO, was on hand, having earlier completed The Presidential Climb with fellow C-suite leaders from a wide variety of other companies.

Once all were registered, and with a final “Good Luck!” from David, the team made its way to the Tower to start the climb.


We asked: How did you feel emotionally once it was completed?

Sofia: I felt awesome and somewhat energized after that.

Naseeb: Relieved! My chest was about to explode.

Carlton: Was glad to do so well.


In the end, Sofia had the best time, making her way through the cheering crowd at only 23 minutes and 10 seconds, closely followed by our COO, Rob Muroff, and his daughter, finishing in 23 minutes and 57 seconds.

Rob wasn’t the only team member to have the extra support of completing the climb with his child; Gary, from our Accounting Group, had his son at his side.


We asked: You brought your children with you for the climb. How did they feel once it was completed, and are you happy you had their support?

CN Tower climb participants from Coreio

Back Row (left to right): Sharon, Niomi, Naseeb Husain Middle Row (left to right) Carlton, Sofia, Tania Front Row (left to right) Gary, Rob, Ivet, Brooke, Jacklyn, Paula

Rob: Jada loved it and it was very challenging to finish but I felt very accomplished once done.

Gary: I was really proud of Quentin. For an 8-year-old on a climb like this, I think he crushed it! He was so happy and excited that he finished it amongst all the adults.

After the final person came through the door, the team made its way down to gather their belongings, get their Event T-shirts and finally make their way home. Despite the long climb, the energy in the room was palpable after the event.


PV: Are you happy you completed the challenge?

Sofia: I was very happy and proud for completing the challenge and supporting a great cause doing it.


Congratulations to everyone! Looking forward to new challenges and competitions like this in Coreio’s future!