Coreio's Deskside Support Team Managers

Coreio’s Deskside Support Team Managers (L-R) Brian, Bernard and Simon

Our philosophy at Coreio is all about redefining IT Services through trust, experience and unfailing execution.  We believe that by applying a deep understanding of our clients’ business problems we are able to bring real value to them.  A major cornerstone of this vision is our Deskside Support service offering.  Working one on one with client end users to solve their issues allows us to develop a trusting relationship with them and a thorough understanding of their organizations’ IT Asset needs and technical requirements.


When conducting Deskside Support and working onsite at a client location, our technical analysts see themselves as guests in the client’s home and act accordingly, recognizing that our clients know their business best and we are there to assist.  The nature of this type of relationship often leads to the on-site Coreio technical analysts becoming part of the client IT culture and they are frequently viewed as part of the client’s own IT team.  Our Deskside Support teams typically service a particular line of business within the client’s organization, allowing our clients to become more familiar and increasingly comfortable with us. That helps us develop excellent client rapport and familiarity with the client’s infrastructure and operations.

It is common that our onsite Deskside Support analysts are even asked to participate in testing and project scenarios on behalf of the client organization. Clients appreciate that we are the ones “in the know” about their organization’s IT environment.  This enables us to regularly identify potential IT Asset issues with a particular rollout or process that may not have been previously known.

Collaboration is essential in ratifying difficult technical problems.  While individual technical analysts can resolve most issues, sometimes a more involved team approach is necessary. When needed, Coreio technical analysts work together to get the problem resolved.  They will then document and file the item for other members of the team to reference in the future.

Coreio Technicians are technically skilled yet customer-focused and are therefore able to explain technical information in layman’s terms, which is always valued by our clients.  As noted by Simon, Senior Manager Client Service, “[clients] know that when their Coreio Technician arrives onsite, they will be up-and-running again quickly with a complete explanation of what is required to get them there.”


Realizing the importance of staying current with the various emerging technologies in order to effectively address clients’ hardware and software requirements, Coreio Deskside technical analysts ensure they continuously educate themselves, even taking online courses to get certified with new technologies as they are adopted by their client organizations.

With our experience also comes knowledge transfer that is exceptionally valuable to our clients.  Our familiarity with our clients’ infrastructure and operations allows us to share detailed knowledge on IT Assets and specific processes that may otherwise be unknown, such as tickets required for hardware maintenance service, IMACD and Break/Fix.  We are also able to conduct focused research and provide solutions to other client teams as needed.

Unfailing Execution

Our Deskside technical analysts are supported by dedicated call coordinators who manage all incoming tickets, allowing our technical staff to fully focus on delivering service to our clients. This helps to ensure all tickets are actioned in a timely and efficient manner.  Much like the rest our skilled technical team, Deskside Support Call Coordinators own an issue from beginning to end, and assist in bringing all required parties together in order to properly resolve the matter.

Coreio’s commitment to unfailing execution and serving our clients is exemplified by Senior Manager, Coreio Onsite Services, Bernard, “We believe in going above and beyond client requests; we provide best efforts to immediately assist or escalate and when necessary, engage other groups until the issue is resolved.”