Enterprise-scale organizations today need more than a set of discrete service partners to keep their IT operations on track. They need a strategic partner that can deliver real solutions—a combination of services brought together in a customized way that puts people, processes and technology to work addressing business requirements, with advice and judgement they can trust.

In the quest to support your end users who expect a consumer-grade eCommerce experience, the complexity of the undertaking can compromise your department’s responsiveness and undermine the trust of internal stakeholders.

If you choose to undertake a move to a comprehensive IT Store, legacy elements like disparate automation and workflow tools only add to the complexity when you were hoping to simplify. Adoption of new ordering systems by the end user base is crucial, requiring sophisticated change management approaches. Whether their enterprise is taking the first steps toward consolidating request fulfillment, about to launch a new IT Store, or trying to optimize one that already exists, IT leaders have a lot to consider:

  • Streamlining touchpoints for ordering IT and other related services or products, toward a single, easy-to-use site that provides tracking for all items
  • Ensuring the successful rollout, adoption and usage of a new IT Store
  • Integration of complex legacy automation systems for provisioning of products and services into the new IT Store
  • Supporting a multi-vendor environment, including the ability to develop and maintain interfaces to other companies and systems from their IT Store

At Coreio, we bring real value to our clients across North America by applying a deep understanding of their business problems to the creation of tailored IT Infrastructure and Operations solutions founded in our robust, multifaceted service offerings. Given our team’s experience in enterprise IT Infrastructure and Operations, we speak to the market from an “Inside Out” view: we start from a thorough understanding of our clients’ business issues and use that insight to inform the design of a solution that fits what is needed.

How Can Coreio Help?

Having an experienced partner like Coreio at the table can help across the spectrum of IT Store challenges. We can cut through the often contentious product selection process, reduce conflict and stalled projects stemming from duplicative IT tools, speed up deployment and simplify ongoing maintenance through our Advisory Services, and help you implement ServiceNow, or we can even manage your IT Store on an ongoing basis, leveraging our best in class people, processes and technology through our Service Desk offering.

Here are just a few ways we can help deliver a best in class IT Store:

Strategy, Planning, and Implementation of New IT Store
Coreio’s Advisory Services can help in inventorying the existing environment, working with internal resources to develop the technical requirements, and lead or assist in the design of the store. Our Managed Services team can also take the lead in operating and managing the store, efficiently delivering best in class request fulfillment.

ServiceNow Implementation and Optimization
We have the practical experience to lead or assist in the deployment and/or configuration of ServiceNow to provide an intuitive and robust IT Store. We have developed a repeatable methodology to deliver request fulfillment services quickly and effectively.

Development of provisioning and automation strategy and architecture for IT Store
Our Advisory Services team can create a cohesive strategy and architecture to successful govern the IT Store deployment and ongoing development and maintenance.

Change Management
Our Advisory Team can help you implement a change advisory board framework using an agile development model. Or leave the management of the store to us; we utilize both an agile development cycle and a Change Advisory Board as part of our IT Store managed service offering to ensure we keep pace with the changes that occur in our clients’ environment.

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