When it comes to IT asset lifecycle management, it’s about more than just acquisition and deployment. Your assets have a daily “life” with their users, and keeping the assets productive—so the users can be too—is the role of the IT support services. Coreio offers a suite of solutions directed at the milestones of the software and hardware lifecycle, like acquisition, configuration, deployment and retirement.

Fulfillment Services

When organizations are able to effectively follow IT assets through their hardware lifecycle, they avoid losing track of equipment and are able to maintain a consistent and accurate asset database. Because IT assets are the backbone of business operations, effective fulfillment of new assets and retirement of old ones has real business value.

Coreio manages the entire IT asset lifecycle and keeps your business up-to-date on the disposition of assets within your premises through regular reporting customized to your needs. Our reportable and scalable fulfillment services allow you to confirm location and status of your IT and other assets accurately, through acquisition, configuration, deployment, management, and retirement.


Acquisition Preceded by a Thorough Analysis of your Needs

Obtaining the IT software and hardware that works best with your business is critical to long-term success. Like any tools, the IT selections you make must “fit” your business model and the tasks your end users will be required to complete.

Coreio approaches acquisition management through a business lens. We analyze your operations to understand core needs and then applying those requirements—with no manufacturer bias—to the selection of software and hardware products. From application software packages, enterprise licensing, end user computing devices, printing, and network hardware requirements, Coreio will work with you to design an IT asset lifecycle management solution that is both cost-effective and tailored to your business needs.


Configuration and Deployment that Ensures “Work Ready” Assets

Whether your organization is an initial start-up requiring a fresh rollout of devices or an established company in need of an IT upgrade, you need to ensure IT assets are deployed and configured quickly and accurately so that business as usual doesn’t stop.

Coreio works with your internal experts to develop defined and repeatable processes based on your requirements, ensuring users have exactly what they need to be productive as soon as their devices are plugged in. We then deliver complete hardware configuration management solutions through our Quality Configuration Centre (QCC) and Service Desk offerings.

Our QCC is a true differentiator for Coreio and a great example of our commitment to servicing your end users seamlessly. Within our operation, specialists will custom configure, asset tag, test and image new or refurbished hardware under stringent controls–including BIOS updating or verification–and in accordance with client and image specific quality assurance check sheets.  Secondary verification of network connectivity, application functionality, data encryption and virus scanning application updates is performed right at our facility, to reduce the chance that a problem will impact your end user’s productivity once the hardware is deployed. Installation instructions for onsite technicians can also be included along with end user documentation and instructions.

All of this means your users are up and running on new or refreshed equipment faster with hardware configuration services tailored to your business requirements, and you can even track equipment and view disposition throughout the lifecycle.


Refresh of Assets to Stay Current

Over time, IT assets become obsolete–as business solutions require advanced capabilities, or as more robust offerings make their way to market. As part of ensuring your business will get the most out of your IT investment and the productivity of your end users, it is important to efficiently sunset your older equipment when the time is right. Refreshing assets is a critical function of hardware lifecycle that is often taken for granted, resulting in user dissatisfaction.  If end user hardware replacement is not handled carefully, users can find they are missing applications, printing to the wrong place, or unable to access or find data.

Keeping your business up-to-date with the most effective and efficient hardware is important to Coreio. Our technical professionals will ensure your replacement equipment is ready to go while managing the retirement of your assets, whether to disposal or warehousing for future re-deployment. Our IT asset lifecycle management service also ensures the security of your data through secure transfer and destruction services. From the accuracy of the initial asset repository trigger for replacement, through customer contact, requirements gathering, approval, hardware configuration and build, delivery coordination, event scheduling/coordination and onsite customer installation/removal and final disposition, we ensure your end users experience a trouble-free transition.

“Gaining an in-depth understanding of the status of your assets drives efficiency in resource allocation, project delivery and planning initiatives. From hardware infrastructure that helps strengthen your enterprise to the inventory that you depend on to drive revenue, we can help manage the assets that you count on. Coreio matches business requirements with software and hardware tools in order to drive immediate productivity, reducing downtime.” –Rob Muroff, COO, Coreio

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Service Desk: Flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of the enterprise environment

Deskside Support: Technical expertise to keep your IT assets maintained and get equipment back into production quickly

Managed Operations:  Server, storage and network management founded on a firm understanding of your business needs

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