Steve Mifsud, Coreio's new Director, Head of Application Services and ServiceNow / ITSM Advisory Services Practice Executive

Vice President of Technology Solutions, Steve Mifsud

Meet Steve Mifsud Coreio’s Vice President of Technology Solutions.  Steve is responsible for the overall leadership of the Technology Solutions team and interacts directly with our clients in an Advisory Services capacity to help them solve their IT Service Management issues and ServiceNow deployments.

Steve has years of experience in leading the development and implementation of system automation, request management and IT asset management solutions. He has spent the last 18 years in various senior Infrastructure and Operations roles, primarily at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). He is a past winner of the RBC Leo Award Winner (2016) – the highest honor a RBC employee can receive as part of their performance program. Coreio’s CTO, Stephen Baird, says of our new Director, “Steve has a strong background in building relationships, partnering and delivering high value solutions that are easy to use—all with a high standard of project management and professionalism. We are so excited to work with him to deliver best in class IT SM automation solutions to our clients.

A true believer in the power of ServiceNow to revolutionize automation for enterprise ITSM purposes, Steve credits that industry-leading platform as the “most agile, scalable, easiest to deploy, and friendliest in terms of user experience.” The move to Coreio after such a long tenure at RBC is a big adjustment, but Steve is looking forward to leveraging the wealth of knowledge and experience he has to the benefit of our clients. He has a passion for engaging with clients and unlocking the potential of technology to drive their business forward.