Coreio's Client Advocates - the Call Coordinators

Coreio’s Call Coordinators (L to R): Paula, Cassandra, Poli, Amy.

At Coreio, we know our clients take comfort from having a reliable contact person who owns their device issue end to end when they have an open IT service ticket. Therefore, Coreio has designed our client team structure to provide that peace of mind, specifically by developing the ‘Call Coordinator’ role in our Service Desk. Our Call Coordinators follow all IT issues to resolution for end users, and act as both a point of coordination and communication on behalf of them. Here are a few of the ways they advocate for their customers (our clients’ end users) every day:

  1. Being able to drive innovative solutions

At Coreio, we believe innovation shouldn’t be limited to advances in technology. Everyone here at Coreio has innovation in their DNA. We constantly review our people and processes to become efficient and effective on behalf of our clients. And we maintain the flexibility to put new ideas into action as needed to ‘get it done’.  Call Coordinators see the process, and talk to those involved, every day, and many of our best ideas come from them. They’re empowered to speak up and share when they see ways to do it better—and they do.

  1. Being the front-line contact for our clients

Jessica has been in the role of Call Coordinator for almost six years. She describes her job this way: “Call Coordinators are generally the first line of contact between the clients and the technicians. If we don’t create our tickets correctly and in a timely manner, the technicians can’t assist the clients properly or in a timely manner. As well, if there are any problems or charges that need to be consulted about, the coordinators are the main line of communication in getting the correct information to users and technicians.” Call Coordinators are the lynch pin in a whole series of tasks that need to work like clockwork.

  1. Being the complete owner of a IT service ticket

From problems with existing hardware to needing a new installation, Call Coordinators take and maintain complete ownership of the ticket. They communicate with the end user, schedule the technician, monitor the situation’s progress, and close tickets only when they know the client is satisfied. As a result, this ensures a seamless service experience for the end user. Cassandra is one of our newest Call Coordinators, being here for about two years in the role. She takes pride in her customer service orientation and putting the clients at ease. She says, “It’s important to gain that relationship where the customers can come to you with any question and feel comfortable, trusting that we can find and answer for them.”

  1. Being able to improve the End User Experience

The Call Coordinator role, unique to Coreio, has resulted in a marked improvement in our clients’ end user experience. It provides a sense of ownership and ‘client advocacy’ to the resolution or fulfillment of IT service tickets. That peace of mind is important to Amy, a Call Coordinator for eight years. She adds, “Our primary role is to make sure the client is satisfied with the delivery. The clients feel comfortable speaking to us. They know that we will do what we need to do to help them. They trust us with their issues and have a level of comfort with our company, knowing that things will be done to their satisfaction.”

  1. Being dedicated to our clients

We have organized our Call Coordinators in a structure that optimizes their ability to form lasting client relationships: they are each dedicated to a portion of a single client’s business, so they deal with the same points of contact on the client side frequently, and get to know the buildings those clients work in. As a result, they become very familiar with the culture of their end users. Consequently, this helps them develop trust with their repeat clients and to better understand their perspective.

Call Coordinators know how to take the inside out view to think like a client. According to Jessica, “As a consumer myself, I know how it can be to deal with bad customer service and feel like you are in a losing battle. I never want any of my clients that I work with to feel like they’re heard or not being assisted to the best of my ability. I will do anything and everything I can to make sure the client has all the appropriate information and is assisted in a timely manner.”