On Wednesday, November 2nd, Coreio was pleased to continue an annual tradition: Take Our Kids to Work Day. This year we hosted two grade nine students, Jenessa and Anthony, and gave them an opportunity to connect their current school pursuits to the world of work, specifically in IT.

Coreio takes part in the "Take Our Kids to Work" program

Coreio gives a warm welcome to kids on “Take Our Kids to Work” Day

Greetings to our VIP Visitors

After gathering for a quick reception from our CTO, Stephen Baird, and our COO, Rob Muroff, the students were taken on a one-hour tour of our head office facility, including:

  • The server room, where they learned about data security and business continuity.
  • Our warehouse, where they learned about shipping and receiving and how our clients refurbish and reuse or recycle responsibly.
  • Our Quality Configuration Centre, where they got a look into how we ensure our end users clients’ laptops, servers, iPads and more are ready to go when they arrive onsite.

Most importantly, the kids got a sense of how all of the pieces of the lifecycle management work together, from supplying the hardware to preparing it securely and finally getting it to our end users’ desks.

Pathways to the Future

Stephen and Rob rejoined the group over lunch, and talk to our guests about their own career trajectories, about loving technology from a very young age, being in the AV club in high school, and growing up with the evolving IT industry. A lot of discussion ensued around the importance of following your passion and how even when your education takes you in one direction, there’s no way to know from here what elements of your school career could end up laying the groundwork for your eventual career.

Jenessa’s dad was pleased that she got to see “what not only us(parents) do on a regular day but also what others do on a regular day and how we all work together to perform our daily functions.” Jenessa, he reports, “enjoyed the tour of the warehouse the most, and found it interesting how there can be so many different jobs functions or specialized functions in one company.”

Anthony’s mom was pleased that he was exposed to so many career choices during his visit. She said, “I think it is important for him to start thinking about what career he might be interested in so he can prepare for his future education path.” Anthony’s favorite part (and it showed) was “the server room, especially the cables under the floor.  He also liked listening to Rob and Steve and the insight and encouragement they provided.”


We look forward to seeing Jenessa and Anthony back in ten years or so, and to next year’s Take Our Kids to Work Day!