Quality Configuration Centre (QCC)) at Coreio Inc.

Sunil and Steve, along with Bob (R) , QCC Manager, pause for a picture.

At Coreio, our clients gain a lot of value through our intersection of people, processes and technology. We believe we offer all three at a level that is best in class. Putting these three elements together assures unfailing execution. Between our dedicated management team that takes a client-centric view of our services (because they’ve been in the clients’ shoes), our talented and trusting technicians and advisors who work hard every day to solve the unique challenges posed by the modern enterprise, and everyone else who supports them here, we definitely feel it’s the people, above all, who make Coreio special.

One of the unique offerings Coreio brings to clients — one that really sets us apart — is our Quality Configuration Centre (QCC).

Coreio’s Quality Configuration Centre (QCC)

Coreio’s QCC is a high volume staging, configuration and testing operation. Here is where we prepare the technology assets, such as laptops, for deployment to our client sites. Our QCC is a 7,500 square foot facility spread over two floors at our Coreio headquarters. Inside you’ll find a dedicated team of 18 technicians and three team leads. These people work tirelessly to seamlessly service our clients’ end users. Their responsibility is getting IT assets work ready so end users can hit the ground running as soon as they receive them.

As part of our Lifecycle Fulfillment offering, we receive requests to configure client’s end user systems. In the past, the computers were shipped to the client’s location and we configured them to their needs on-site. About 25 years ago, we decided there needed to be a better way to do this. Our now VP of Lifecycle Services, Greg Latter, developed a more efficient and less time consuming and costly process: configure client assets here in our own facility. That allows us to maintain the client’s stringent guidelines even though we are offsite from their locations.

Today, our QCC acts as  both a physical and logical extension of our clients’ WAN networks. We house the servers that image their computers, printers, network gear and peripherals with customized firmware, BIOS, OS and applications. Whatever the client wants the image to be, we are able to tailor it to the users’ specifications, right here.

We can be there for our clients because of QCC’s procedures combined with Coreio’s application software. Moreover, we provide infrastructure and operation methods to help clients with their security and control of their hardware integration, application deployment and imaging processes.

Scalability is Key

When asked what he was most proud of, our QCC Manager, Bob, quickly identified our scalable physical capacity. This is the amount of offerings that the QCC can accommodate at one time.  The size of our facility can be expanded to meet the future challenges that our clients may require of us. These capacity plans are paramount to Coreio’s future. It enables us to bring in new clients with different challenges and provide existing clients with the ability to be up and running on new or refreshed equipment faster.

Custom Designed Solutions

One of the core tenets of Coreio is to build long term relationships. With that in mind, the QCC works closely with both the client and their preferred vendors to foster trustworthy, cost effective and consistently repeatable service offerings.

Working with you, Coreio will design a solution that is tailored to your business needs. We bring a lot to the table, but if you need more, we will develop that approach for you.

Our clients needed ‘plug in and use’ installation of their software and hardware services over 25 years ago. Today, the QCC can offer integration services that are customer centric, flexible, scalable, and consistently repeatable for our clients’ needs. As the needs for further services evolve, our QCC will meet them head on.


So when the question is “Why Coreio?”, one of the answers must include the QCC.